About Intergroup

Intergroup is the service wing of the fellowship of CoDependents Anonymous (CoDA) operating at the direction of, and for the benefit of, its members and member groups under the guidelines outlined in the Twelve Traditions and the Fellowship Service Manual of Co-Dependents Anonymous.  Its primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer.

CoDA Intergroup Contact List:

The primary functions of Intergroup are as follows:

  1. Facilitation of communication between member groups and the local, state and national organizations, including sponsoring delegate attendance to the CoDA National Service Conference.  Facilitation of monthly Intergroup business meetings. Maintenance of the local CoDA Website.
  2. Preparation and maintenance of local meeting information and listings, including contacts and Community Service Representatives (Group Reps).
  3. Outreach
    • Organization of volunteers to operate and maintain the CoDA telephone service and website. 
    • Provision of support to individual meetings and assistance in starting new meetings. 
    • Preparation and distribution of monthly meeting minutes and other CoDA materials to contact persons and Group Reps. 
    • When deemed appropriate, provide arrangements for speakers  for special meetings and other non-CoDA functions, to share our experience, strength and hope. 
    • Organization and operation of the Annual CoDA Weekend and the annual Holiday Party.
  4. Procurement, inventory maintenance and distribution of literature for  member and startup groups.
  5. Maintenance of bank account including receipt of Seventh Tradition funds, payment of monthly expenses and preparation of monthly accounting reports for Intergroup activities.

All members of the CoDA fellowship are welcome to attend and participate in all Intergroup activities including monthly business meetings.  The fellowship needs your help and financial support!  Without your presence, support and ideas, Intergroup cannot exist.  Please contact Intergroup to find out more about what you can do.

Past Meeting Details

Mar 29, 2018
March Intergroup Meeting

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